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The Billboard Fan Amy Face-Off really pisses me off right now.

VIPs are doing their best to make sure to vote for our boys every single day and spread the word about the poll, even requesting the help of other K-pop fandoms to help us prove that K-pop and K-poppers mean business, but without the live poll results Billboard could just pick whoever they want to win at the end of it all.

And let’s face it … They changed the poll to literally give Echelon the default advantage.

It’s bullshit.

A year ago, BIGBANG started promoting their Alive album. Little did I know that it would spur a music obsession, and lead to an amazing trip to New York with my mom. Their music, their charisma, and their never-ending passion for what they do has reminded me to look on the bright side of things, no matter how dark life may get.

It’s amazing to look back at one year and see where you’ve come since then.

I guess this is a thank you and an appreciation wrapped into one post.

Thank you BIGBANG. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

VIP until whenever!


HOLY FRICKING SHIT. I still can’t believe this all happened. This is my fan-account from the BIGBANG concert on Friday, November 9th at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

If you want to know more about anything, feel free to ask me! I’d be more than happy to share. It’s just hard for me to put everything into one cohesive post.

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VIPS! Anyone taking the PATH train from Manhattan to Newark tomorrow afternoon?

Please let me know. I have no idea how this thing works.

Ah, I love my little sister …

So she’s a Directioner, a pretty hardcore one at that, and she knew 1D was up for the Best Fan award.

But see, the thing about her is that she actually understands what happened.

"They did it to themselves … They didn’t vote, and that’s why they didn’t win. I mean, it’s obvious. It doesn’t mean the band is bad or anything. It just means that the BIGBANG fans wanted it more. That’s all."

…. I love her.

Wow …

What a bunch of sore losers you Directioners are. Daesung is not a murderer, you fucking idiots. It was an accident.

An. Accident.

Kang Daesung is one of the sweetest, most genuine men out there and you’re either ignorant, or just plain dumb if you can’t see that.

Grow the fuck up and just accept that you lost.

vips: daesung adshjklf;jmo can i hug you
vips: we're not elitists
vips: i'm sorry, 2012 is big bang's year
vips: fuck you big bang is better
vips: big bang are the kings
vips: we are most definitely not elitists
vips: just shut up and enjoy the quality music
vips: gdyb is not a ship, it's a bros before other bros bromance that none of your oppas can even come close to
vips: let me tell ya
vips: heartbreaker is the best solo in the entire history of solos
vips: why aren't the intros full songs?
vips: if being conceited is what vips are known for, then we're fucking awesome
vips: wow fantastic baby
vips: wow fantastic body
vips: ice cream, radish, horse, broom
vips: big bang lost? well they were featured on the grammy's homepage
vips: remember the EMAs?
vips: oh youngbae finally changed his hair
vips: seungri is useless? did you produce an album in one week and it became the best selling solo album in 2011?
vips: i don't think your oppas make out
vips: i'm singing my bluuueueuueueueuueeeeesss
vips: i've waited for 2 years, so quit complaining
vips: god dammit, put a shirt on youngbae
vips: oh yg, you troll
vips: boom shakalaka
vips: fuck you kbs
I need more VIP friends. You know… so we can fangirl together. lol

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We will come to every single country that has VIPs who love us.
- Taeyang (via unfbigbang)
Shawols: I'm so curious, yeah!
VIPs: Wow, fantastic baby.